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When people hear the word food bank they often describe it as being a location where you can enter and get food from a location. This is in fact what a food bank is as instead of giving out money like a traditional bank, food is given in the place of money which is the reason for the name food bank. These locations are located all around the US and in other countries where non-profit organizations distribute food to people that have a hard time purchasing food. The main purpose for a food bank is to cure the increased hunger that is being inflicted on many people.

A food bank can mainly be found in the US and Australia that operate what is known as a warehouse. All food that is given out to people are first collected, sorted and then reviewed to ensure that it is good enough to be distributed to other people. The review process of a food bank helps to make sure that the people that consume the food are in fact safe from getting sick or having their health negatively affected by eating the food. There are over thousands of food bank locations that can be found but not all of them operate the same.

Some food bank locations store their food in a warehouse and then distribute them to people directly or the food bank can distribute the food to different pantries. The other ways that a food bank can choose to distribute their food is by offering the food to soup kitchens or other organizations that help in aiding hunger in the country. Food bank locations have not been around for a long time as the first one was started in 1967 in Arizona through the name of St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance. The organization was created by John Van Hendel who wanted to help relive the hunger in the US.

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After a while the system of food stamps was implemented in order to help people to get food if they could not afford to pay for food with their own money. The food stamp system helped but not enough thus offering the location known as a soup kitchen which was then supplied by food bank locations for their supply. Both the food bank, soup kitchen and food stamp systems all worked together to help bring down the hunger in both the US and UK. From the world seeing that food bank locations helped aid people other countries thus moved on to start their own food bank systems in their country.

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